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League of legends world championship statistics




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League of legends world championship statistics

First lol champions

Today I'd like to walk you through my thoughts regarding the performances of the various players in Worlds who made appearances in the quarterfinals and beyond. Before I get too deep into this, keep in mind that the meta evolved somewhat between some of these series; for example, Aatrox and Urgot were selected/banned in response to each other for most of the group stages entering this stage of the series. tournament, and Viktor made a sudden appearance in the second half of our quarterfinal matches. I'll support my thoughts with some statistical analysis, though I welcome discussion and your own thoughts, especially regarding the setups I didn't mention!

With an absolutely phenomenal 15-minute minion kill advantage of 43 versus Fnatic in Game 2 of the Finals, it should surprise no one to see China's new toplane king (and World Champion!) sitting comfortably at the top this list. While his CS differential for the tournament (+6.4 on average) is inflated by a dominant Game 2 Finals performance, TheShy found himself in the minion game within 15 minutes in over 60% of his games.

League of legends worlds

In the list of competitions you will also find a notable absence which is precisely the MSI. DAMWON Gaming won its first LCK title last summer, so it has not had the opportunity to go to the international mid-season competition until 2021. A prize missing from the locker of the trendy team in the global League of Legends and they will certainly compete in the current edition of the tournament. Viajes y turismo

The European League of Legends server is doing everything in its power to kill the mental health of the Korean and Chinese players before the Mid Season Invitational this coming May.


Riot recently published statistics on the audience and attendance of the League of Legends World Championship finals. One of the most interesting data is that the final disputed by Samsung White and Royal Club reached a total of 11.2 million worldwide views, much more than the 8.7 million views of the 2013 final. Undoubtedly, this free MOBA came to have a strong impact on the eSports scene.

The developer Riot thanked the fans who supported the World Championship by tuning in and announced that it will soon reveal plans for the League of Legends competitive universe in 2015.

League of legends world championship

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world. The most recent data released by Riot Games shows that LoL has more than 80 million active monthly players. In addition, nearly 30 million of those log in every day. In fact, League is so popular that more than 200 million people watched the 2018 LoL World Championship live - that's twice the viewership of the U.S. Super Bowl! The sheer number of games played every day provides a wealth of data that can help players improve and surpass the game's current meta.

In fact, the amount of data collected in eSports is so massive that advanced algorithms are needed to interpret the information. For example, with 142 champions in League of Legends, there are over quadrillions of 84 champion combinations for each game! Therefore, large data sets and machine learning methods are required to build predictive algorithms.

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League of legends world championship statistics

League of legends world championship statistics

League of legends world championship statisticsFirst lol championsLeague of legends worldsFeedbackLeague of legends world championshipÍndice League of legen





League of legends world championship statistics
League of legends world championship statistics

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