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League of Legends currently prevails as one of the most popular video games within the industry, standing out especially for its participation within the eSports (Electronic Sports) competitions, being mainly known for the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds).


Right now you might be asking yourself: "Why don't they have a competition to define who is the best player in the world?", and although we could certainly say that the events held during the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the League of Legends All Star could work to define the best player in the world, the truth is that we would be lying.

Knowing where to go on the map at the right time, which objective to fight for and which not to fight for, placing sentries, being able to communicate the enemy's position, at the end of the day is what wins games.

That is why we could say that LoL is a video game that is mainly played as a team and communication is the most important thing, because it does not matter if you are exceptionally good individually, if you do not have a good team, you may end up losing the game, letting them know that a good team is one that knows how to communicate with each other to make the best decisions together and win the game.

league of legends

League of LegendsThese are the tools used by the most pros in LoLLeague of Legends OP.GG, Smiterino, LolSkill and many moreSmiterino | Riot Games For all those players who are willing to improve their rank, train and take LoL seriously, there are plenty of tools and websites that will help you get to Diamond. And for those who are already there, they will surely help you to keep improving and compete in Super League Orange.OP.GGOp.gg is an amazing tool for just about anything you want to know about League of Legends. Best champions, rankings, stats... they have a tier system for each champion and position. This way, you can quickly check which champions are performing the best in each patch.

Thanks to all this information you can make a comparison and decide the picks and bans depending on the champions that are stronger at any given moment. On the other hand, without leaving the website you can watch replays or live games of professional players to learn from their moves and builds and take control of your champion.

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With this image of flex I show you that it sucks to play at the end of the season (I'm playing flex to reach gold since it is the last division that I need to have the 3 in gold SoloQ, TFT and FLEX) but I have already had 4 games in a row with not only people who play bad, but with flamers and trolls and in those 4 I had to report the whole team, What I wonder is if they receive any penalty, nothing happens to them but half I say something bad like they play bad or things like that and they take away my honor, because for that if riot is pending, but well I'm resigned because there are about 1 or 2 weeks to finish the season and I am very sure that people like that will appear to me. PS: I don't know if you guys have heard but there are people who say "Who cares about flex?" well those people should really uninstall lol if they don't take a ranked game seriously. Código P0300: Solución y Causas | Actualizado 2023

I just lost a streak of 14 wins in a row, what I did was to surprise with dragons and heralds alone, with ww you can also do it easier than with a nocturne, the bad thing is that the times that the other jg was revived I had to give up the target because my team does not leave the line even if I have priority, they prefer 3 minions before a dragon or a herald.

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The League of Legends community of players has earned the title of one of the most toxic among video games and as a player I must admit that from time to time I have fallen into this behavior after a few lost games, but it turns out that this toxicity can be used to your advantage to annoy the opposing team, so we will show you how you can tiltear the opposing team in League of Legends.

While tiltear as such, is an action little loved by the community of players, there is a way to use it to put the balance in your favor, although we must mention that this is a trick a little dirty and not all players are willing to do it because it represents being a little campy, but we assure you that it is very effective, especially at low levels. Being a League of Legends player (Level 182) I can assure you that on some occasions I have applied this technique especially when I am at a disadvantage against my line, this is so effective that people fall into the trap very often.

League of legends my team vs enemy team

League of legends my team vs enemy team

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League of legends my team vs enemy team
League of legends my team vs enemy team

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