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Hello, I know that there is an option that without the need to constantly press a button you can enable and disable the attack only to champions. I have searched everywhere but without success. Help would be appreciated thank you .


Hi, you have to go to the hotkey option, then where it says target only champions, it is almost at the end, you change the key to the one you want, then in the game options, you can activate the checkbox to use it by keeping the button pressed, or pressing it once to activate it and then pressing it again to deactivate it.

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Good! I'm an attempt to main adc, I started playing this line a few weeks ago and I activated the "player attack movement click" option with the A key, which made it much easier for me to kite, so much so that I even got used to give all the auto attacks either to farm in line, throw towers or farm jungle camps I give them with the A key and not with the right click.  After playing enough games as an ADC I realize that a problem I have very often is missclicking auto attacks, if there are minions nearby, dives under tower, etc.  So when I realized my missclick problem, I found the option "Only attack champions" and configured the key to my comfortHere comes the problem, this option of only attack champions works only with the right click, that is to say that if I keep the key for only attack champions, and try to kite with the A, even so the game detects the minions or towers. On the other hand, if I keep the key for only attack champions and try to hit a minion with the right click, it works and does not detect it. But this doesn't help me at all since I can't kite using A because it would still make missclicks, and if I use the right click then I can't kite directly. Is there any option that I am missing? I would need your help in advance Thanks for reading and taking the time :,)

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League of Legends has several auto-attack mechanics that can change the way champions behave when they are going to hit an enemy. On the one hand, we have the classic method that allows us to hit by right clicking. However, there are also other mechanics that we can achieve with different key combinations such as attack on the move, set the target only against champions or show the range of our character to control the distance at which we want to stay. Serviços de finanças

All of them are valid in different occasions and players should learn to combine them to take advantage of them. However, there is one that is giving problems to the community. It is the command to move and attack, which does not work as expected when the player receives an immobilization. The expected thing would be to attack without further action, being completely paralyzed, but the community has discovered that in case of not being able to move the command simply does not execute either of its two parts.

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#1 I don't know if I understood you very well but I think you mean to do the skills without having to click and that is super easy, you go to the options and as soon as you open them you will see Q W E R D F, and under each one you will see an arrow (like a separate button), activate it, accept and that's it.

#12 When you press A and don't click on any unit, it will go to that point stopping to attack everything in its path, prioritizing the nearest enemy. So if you have a wave of minions in front of you and you A+click near a hero but not on the hero itself, it will attack the creeps since they are closer, which by the way, Riot is going to change to attack the unit closest to the click, not the player.

What I tried in his day but I did not get it is that for example when you click left click, do the function of the A (that is to say that the cross that comes out) and then when you click right click then attack normal...

This question is not related but I thought it was absurd to open a topic. Can someone explain me how zed's E is launched before his W and when launching the W the active E comes out? Or is it just that they do it ultra fast? Existential doubt.

Player attack only click league of legends

Player attack only click league of legends

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Player attack only click league of legends
Player attack only click league of legends

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