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League of legends opens and closes immediately




  1. League of legends opens and closes immediately
  2. League of legends opens and closes immediately 2021
  3. repair client lol
    1. latam forums
    2. lol crashes when i'm playing

League of legends opens and closes immediately

League of legends opens and closes immediately 2021

repair client lol

Well, it happens sometimes, before it did not happen to me and the truth is I have no idea what can be causing it but I accept the game and select my champion, everything normal until then but sometimes when the client is minimized and should open the loading screen of the game only opens for half a second and minimized again, I try to open it but it minimizes immediately and the whole client is bugged, not even with the task manager lets me restart it so I can only restart the pc and hope that the game has not yet been redone, and use the hextech tool and also reinstall the game but it still gives me that problem.

latam forums

Hello I come to the forum because I have a problem that closes the game out of nowhere and it is not my pc and earlier today I put a complete repair because the game was freezing in the middle of the game HELP !!!!

Saturday July 3, 2021, 12:40 utc+5 LOL closes out of nowhere and I reconnect again, a while passes and closes again, ... and I penalized riot, because of them, that miserable. and it's not my connection this goes well. HERRETE | Descúbre su verdadero significado

friends already tried everything and apparently it is a problem of the server in the end I just changed to NA aya I did not have that problem I will play there until they release new patch or is solved in the future on another server as NA I stopped closing the game tell me that if that works thank you

From what I read to many of us the same thing happens to us, I started since recently to present this type of problem and the truth is that I am very disappointed that it happens because several of us will now have a bad experience of the game and the worst thing is that it will hurt us because of the queues for involuntary abandonment.

lol crashes when i'm playing

it started to happen to me a couple of days ago, the game crashes when I enter a game (INCLUDING THOSE OF PRACTICE TOOLS WHILE I'M ALONE), no matter what I do, the game crashes like 2-3 times until it lets me enter, and that's when I can play, but it's about 7 or 10 minutes, there has only been 1 game that I have managed to save arriving late, but otherwise it gives me an intense rage, the flaming, the late login, and that is the only game that bothers me DOUBLE I tried everything, clean the pc, delete the config, change the graphical settings, hextech tool, nothing to swim.

I have this problem since they updated this patch 11.10, the game enters normal, walks normal, and at the moment, it freezes 1 or 2 seconds and I get out, then I have to reconnect and so on... I have already lowered the performance to the minimum. I changed the screen mode to the 3 types... Window, Full Screen and No Border.... I tried with the Legacy selection... I formatted the pc and nothing... Does anyone have a solution?

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League of legends opens and closes immediately

League of legends opens and closes immediately

League of legends opens and closes immediatelyLeague of legends opens and closes immediately 2021repair client lollatam forums





League of legends opens and closes immediately
League of legends opens and closes immediately

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