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Clash of clans level 9

clash of clans town hall 9

When we go up to level 9 in Clash of Clans the recommended order to build and upgrade buildings changes drastically. While previous upgrades were mainly focused on improving our offensive capabilities and leaving defensive ones second, at this town hall level this changes.


There are two main reasons behind the change in our priorities. First, many upgrades and new structures available at level 9 are very expensive. Most of the time it will be better to look at the amount of available resources you have and upgrade what you can in order to keep our builders busy.

The second reason is due to the fact that at Town Hall level 9, you will be attacked by much stronger players than at level 8. Levels 9 and 10 will attack you regularly because the maximum resource quota they can steal from you is reached at 3 million in your Storages, so we will need a great defensive capability to be able to repel the attacks and minimize the loss of loot.

th9 base layout 2021

You have to be very clear that this level 9 base is perfect to use in defense. Of course, you have to have your defenses at level 8 or higher for everything to work smoothly. The organization has to be diamond-shaped and with an asymmetrical twist. This is how you will be able to avoid any kind of approach, either by ground or air. As you can see in the image, if you assemble everything as it is, it will work very well.

In this case everything will depend on the bombers being able to open the base so that the troops can enter without having to go through the funnel route that leads to the crushers and traps.

So, all you have to do is take out the bombers for the attack to fail in epic fashion. This is a great advantage, other bases make use of traps or archer towers but the level 9 builder base always gives the bombers a lot of work.

This is how the bombers will be distracted by eliminating everything on the outside and will not be able to attack the inner area of your base. While this is happening the other troops will go around your fortress and get trapped in the walls.

clash of clans level 9 base max upgrades

As you are probably as hooked on Clash of Clans as I am, I will be brief. Basically it boils down to "NEVER buy gems!" and "Upgrade everything before upgrading the town hall". Well, one of the two is a lie. infoenBolas 🔞 Famosos en Bolas

Clash of Clans is a strategy game where defenses and attacks work equally. We create troops to attack other players and get resources but when we stop playing, or after spending six hours playing, the game stops, we abandon our village and then our enemies can attack it.

If the defense is going great you will not lose resources, you will destroy the enemy troops and on top of that you will win cups, but just as the crisis is not over and the green shoots were smoked by someone, in Clash of Clans when they attack you they usually put you looking for Cuenca, so they will steal resources. All of them? No, they will steal a percentage with a maximum limit that depends on your town hall level.

But the problem is that when you attack a town hall one level lower, a 10% penalty is applied, but the problem is that when you attack a town hall two levels lower the penalty is 50%, at three levels the penalty is 75% and at four or more levels 95%, so it is not economically viable to make the attack.

town hall 9 base best defense 2021

First, to train the new super troops, you have to be the head of a town hall 11 or higher. Simply click on the new super troop building near the merchant and it will give you the option to decide which troop you want to upgrade. Super troops can be purchased with resources.

You can even request specific super troops using the new reinforcement request feature that comes in this update, although to receive them someone from your clan must have that specific super troop active.

In addition to the already existing troops, there are the fetishes that can be prepared with the fetishes cauldron that is unlocked when you have a level 5 council, and also with the dark fetishes cauldron that is unlocked when you have a level 8 council. There are 2 types of fetishes:

The preparation day begins when the matchmaking system finds a rival clan at your clan's level. Preparation is important in clan warfare, so you have 23 hours to prepare before the battle day.

If it is the first time that the clan participates in the war leagues, the match will assign an approximate league category, which may not correspond exactly with the real level of the clan. At the beginning, clans may face very easy or very complicated opponents. However, over time, the level of the clans in the group will even out.

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Clash of clans level 9

Clash of clans level 9

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Clash of clans level 9
Clash of clans level 9

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